The thanks of a satisfied customer goes a long way in assuring me that I have achieved my goal of creating a space that is functional and perfectly suited for my client.

swatches3Sometimes people are afraid to call a designer. I have heard it all: “It will be so expensive.” “She will want to do crazy things to my rooms and I won’t like it.” “I am embarrassed to let her see what I have done on my own.”

All of these ideas could not be further from the truth. Hiring a design professional not only adds to your own comfort and enjoyment, it also adds value to your home. Here are some of the nice things my past clients have had to say about me:


Marilyn has an incredibly gifted eye for color and the fabrics and coverings that contain those colors. Our condo is now a world-class example of color and taste that would never have happened without her. The other thing I personally like about Marilyn is that once she has a feel for your tastes, she narrows the choices down to a small number of decisions.

Client in Ardmore, PA, Fort Lauderdale, FL & Jackson Hole, WY
The thought of downsizing to a senior-living community was overwhelming. You helped us to get organized, have a plan, decide what to keep and what to part with. By recovering a few pieces we were able to get a fresh, updated look that makes us happy.

Client in Blue Bell
Decorating is always a little unnerving because it involves large amounts of money; you just don’t want to make a costly mistake. Marilyn takes the stress away. She has both experience and a great eye so can see readily what will work and what won’t.

Client in Malvern
We never regretted it when you encouraged us to be a little more adventuresome with our choices. The results are so much better!

Client in Fort Washington
We wanted the feel of our new home to be more sophisticated but still express our own personal style. You achieved that delicate balance perfectly.

Client in Wayne
Thank you for the lovely bedroom you helped us create in our home. The total look of the room is exactly what we were looking for.

Client in Villanova
Marilyn is such a warm and friendly person that after a while you start to think of her more like a sister with exquisite taste than a designer!

Client in Malvern
Marilyn – I will always appreciate your artistry and patience and the way you gently guided me to the choices.

Client in Philadelphia & North Carolina
Marilyn has helped me on large projects and small ones. She is always conscious of the budget and the final goal.

Client in Malvern
When I moved to Philadelphia my decorating style was somewhat formed, but Marilyn did a wonderful job in refining it further and helping me to apply it to the home we built here. She understood where I was going right away and was able to source things I would not have been able to find on my own.

Client in Malvern
You found such wonderful fabrics and accessories for me… I would have never, never have found these things on my own.

Client in Wayne
It is like when the waitress tells you to “save room for dessert!” Marilyn told us to leave room in the budget for some new accessories and lamps to complete our rooms. She brought us the perfect finishing touches and added them to our own things. The best part was that she arranged it so it looked as if the items had been our’s forever.

Client in Doylestown

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